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I Wish You The Sweetest of Dreams

Originally I posted this on but felt like it would be appreciated here, so there you go
Title: I Wish You The sweetest of Dreams
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words and I gain no profit. Characters belong to The Boss and co. (M.E.), and thank God they do, or I would have nothing to dream about
Summary: It's hard to tell in dreams, sometimes, whether you're alive or dead. Breathing in the sleep and ashes, touch the realms that lay between; ghosts and heroes line up to dance. A dream drabble during Faith, Hope, and Trick

It begins with music. A melody like breeze and crickets, like the beating of a single heart. Then comes the moonlight.

A vision in black and white, hazy, seen through gauze of love and grieving destruction. In a dusky shadow world between the realms of life and death, an Angel and a Slayer find their eyes meet.

"I thought you were dead." A blonde head rests upon a white marble shoulder, tears falling that wet the black silk shroud.

"I was always dead." The voice barely a whisper, like the beat of an Angel's wings, his hand in hers as they sway, "until I met you."

Strong arms twirl her and pull her back, encased in the embrace of love and memory. "Are you real?" Delicate fingers caress his face, feather-light.

Lids curtain on chocolate eyes as the two lovers move together in synchronicity, his cheek pillowed against hair of spun gold. "As real as you'll let me be."

"It's a nice dream." A voice from far behind, a voice from a world away. "I wish my dreams could be this nice." The younger Slayer steps into the shadows, lost somewhere between the light and dark. "Real world's too full of blood and ashes. At least here the decay is awash with roses."

"I could stay here forever." The blonde whispers, ready to relinquish duty and life for her rest.

"Me too, but you can't." Faith whispers mournfully, arms wrapping lightly around Buffy's waist.

"Forever is a long time", Angel breathes, "but not too long to wait."

Then the music starts to die and the light melts quickly away. Three souls lost, buried in the darkness.

All three wish they knew how to fade.
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